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Class Act Sports, LLC  is a unique sports media company that focuses on going “Beyond the Game” and “Behind the Scenes” to give fans and viewers an inside look at “Class Act” athletes on and off the field. Our creative team of quality professionals has extensive experience covering athletes, sporting and charitable events, and provides in-depth, up-close and personal interviews. 


Founder Jared Ginsberg created the Long Island based company in 2009, aiming to surpass typical websites by designing a brand of coverage which goes above and beyond the industry standards. Class Act Sports also joined forces with former NFL safety Victor Green, who spent nine of his eleven years in the league with the New York Jets. Green maintains relationships with players and personnel throughout the NFL, creating a unique perspective for the company along with the ability to gain access to exclusive events and interviews. Throughout 2010 and 2012, Class Act Sports has maintained a presence at major sporting events such as the NCAA Tournament, NFL Combine, NFL Draft, and Super Bowl.

Shaq All-Star Comedy Jam Tour

Shaq Entertainment includes the Shaq All-Star Comedy Jam Franchise, currently the most successful urban stand-up comedy in the market. Shaq Entertainment distributes the ASCJ specials on DVD and via digital platforms through its partnership with Codeblack Films/Lions Gate. The ASCJ annual live tour is managed via a partnership with AEG Live. The company recently launched a YouTube network, The Comedy Shaq, which is rapidly becoming a favorite of comedy enthusiasts. The channel focuses on the production or original niche-oriented programming with a cuttingedge, digital video platform that rivals traditional media outlets.


As a presenting sponsor of Shaq All-Star Tour, you will enjoy both a

major profile with this lucrative market and also have the platform to create

meaningful promotions, build bottom line sales in each market, and cementing

the relationship with these consumers, concertgoers, and trendsetters.

We invite you to enter the Shaqosphere – a celebrity driven, modern

marketing platform providing year round exposure to the mid-to-high end

urban market. Shaq Entertainment maintains a proven track record of driving

52% of 25-45 year olds in Top-10 media metros today. The Shaqosphere can

help the Courvoisier brands gain access to the $2.6 trillion in annual spending

power of this coveted demo!

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