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American Friends of Rambam is a non-profit organization established to promote and support The Rambam Health Care Campus - The premier medical institution in Israel.


Our Goal - Help them with thier sponsorship efforts to continue with thier missions:

  • To Deliver patient-oriented, state-of-the-art healthcare and preventive medicine with a warm human touch.

  • To Educate future physicians and allied health professionals

  • To Provide an inspiring home for basic and applied medical research in life sciences and biomedical engineering, with the aim of a better understanding of disease.

  • To Apply biomedical research discoveries to improved clinical care

  • To Energize contemporary medical practice while accelerating the creation of the medicine of tomorrow

  • To Support the Biomedical Discovery Tower

Carnival Houston - 05.24.14

Memorial Day Weekend


Carnival Houston is an annual event to celebrate carnival from around the world. Featuring an array of beautiful costumes from the Caribbean, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Argentina, Barbados, Dominican republic, etc. It celebrating the legacy of what carnival is to everyone no matter their background.  We want to Showcase Houston, the 3rd largest city in United States to be a central hub to visit and experience that which is carnival.   We aim to place Houston on the map as one of the place to visit and be to experience Carnival at it best! The setting will be set as the one similar to that of Rio De Janerio.

5,500+ individuals
DEMOGRAPHICS - Diverse mix of people from the Caribbean, South America, Central America, and Europe.  Visitors will be attendance from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Louisiana, Miami, New York, Toronto and Europe. 

BENEFIT PACKAGES - Carnival Houston Brochure, Stage announcements, on-site promotional opportunities with banner ads, social media presence, media exposure, sampling opportunities, carnival tickets, backstage access and photo opportunities to  and “meet and greet” with the costume revelers.
ABOUT THE VENUE - Setting is outdoors in a stadium setting. Free parking and seating to enjoy the show and parade.